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We focus on build computer environment without binding to a specific brand, like Microsoft, Apple or Google, we like to build things thats work on any platform, so if something goes wrong, you can switch to other platform and continue work immediately.

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Hong Kong best Information Technology support consultant - CompSquare

How to setup office network, now let’s gather some requirements:

  1. I would like a centralized file place, so that all of the employee can access.
  2. Employee can access their files outside the office.
  3. Security for the files.
All of the internet connection begin with a modem and router, now days modem most likely provide by the services provider, then you need a router, routers now pack with many features, the most features we are interest is VPN client function, is VPN client not VPN server, what VPN client can do is to allow your router to connect to a VPN server, for example, HQ has a VPN server all setup and branch office router can dailin and connect to HQ’s VPN server to form a virtual private network , so now branch office can access HQ’s file server.

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Exchange server 2007 delete user emails

First grant permission to the admin account Add-MailboxPermission -Identity “John Doe” -User compsquareadmin -AccessRights FullAccess Export message to pst file Export-Mailbox -Identity “John Doe” -PSTFolderPath C:UserscompsquareadminDesktopjohn_doe_export.pst Note: export to pst file require 32bit operating system Perform the deletion Export-Mailbox -Identity “John Doe” -StartDate “01/01/2015” -EndDate “12/31/2017″ -DeleteContent”

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Excel Slow in a Spreadsheet

Clear Conditional Formatting While you have the problematic file open in Excel, select “Home” > “Conditional Formatting” > “Clear Rules” > “Clear Rules From Entire Sheet“. Select any additional tabs at the bottom of the sheet, and repeat step 1 on each of them. Select “File” > “Save as” and make a new copy of

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Recover Ransomware useful links

Emsisoft – Kaspersky – ShadowExplorer – Recuva –

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How to disable the new Office Simplified Account Creation panel

Backup your registry Open up the registry editor regedit Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\setup Add a DWORD (32-bit) Value key  Call it DisableOffice365SimplifiedAccountCreation Change its value to 1 close the registry editor and restart your computer

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Export contacts from Outlook

In Outlook 2013 or 2016 on a PC, choose File. If your ribbon doesn’t have a File option in the top left corner, you’re not using Outlook 2016 or 2013. See What version of Outlook do I have? to get to the export instructions for your version of Outlook. Choose Open & Export > Import/Export. Choose Export to a file. Choose Comma Separated Values. THIS

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