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We focus on build computer environment without binding to a specific brand, like Microsoft, Apple or Google, we like to build things thats work on any platform, so if something goes wrong, you can switch to other platform and continue work immediately.

Hong Kong best Information Technology support consultant - CompSquare

Hong Kong best Information Technology support consultant - CompSquare

How to setup office network, now let’s gather some requirements:

  1. I would like a centralized file place, so that all of the employee can access.
  2. Employee can access their files outside the office.
  3. Security for the files.
All of the internet connection begin with a modem and router, now days modem most likely provide by the services provider, then you need a router, routers now pack with many features, the most features we are interest is VPN client function, is VPN client not VPN server, what VPN client can do is to allow your router to connect to a VPN server, for example, HQ has a VPN server all setup and branch office router can dailin and connect to HQ’s VPN server to form a virtual private network , so now branch office can access HQ’s file server.

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