Excel Slow in a Spreadsheet

Clear Conditional Formatting

  1. While you have the problematic file open in Excel, select “Home” > “Conditional Formatting” > “Clear Rules” > “Clear Rules From Entire Sheet“.
  2. Select any additional tabs at the bottom of the sheet, and repeat step 1 on each of them.
  3. Select “File” > “Save as” and make a new copy of the spreadsheet with a different name. The old one will exist if you need to revert to it due to lost data.

Clear Objects (Shapes)

  1. Hold CTRL and press “G” to bring up the “Go To” box.
  2. Select the “Special…” button.
  3. From the “Go To Special” screen, select “Objects“, then select “OK“.
  4. Press “Delete“.

Remove Styles

Download Remove Styles, then run the file. A button wlll then be available under the “Home” tab that says “Remove Styles“. Select it, and see if things speed up a bit.

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