How to reset Windows password

Forgot your login password, let me show you how to reset your Windows login password.

First you need a Live CD to boot into your computer. I’ve use a Linux live CD to do this, just any Linux live CD will do. Here is a list of some Linux distro you can choose, I personally recommended Linux Mint, because its interface looks a lot like windows.
  1. Linux Mint
  2. Ubuntu
  3. Manjaro
Then burn the iso to a CD/DVD or make a bootable USB. Boot into your computer and navigate to your windows installed hard disk, and follow these stepts:
  1. Make a copy of the cmd.exe file to the desktop.
  2. Rename it to osk.exe
  3. Make a backup copy of the osk.exe (rename it to osk-old.exe)
  4. Move the desktop osk.exe to the directory.
  5. Remove the CD/DVD or the bootable USB and restart the computer.
Then boot into Windows, at the login screen click on the [accessibility] button and choose On Screen Keyboard, if you done the above steps right, a command prompt should open, then you can follow these steps to reset your account password.
  1. Use net user to find out your user name if you forgot.
  2. Use net user [username] * this command is to change the [username]’s password
  3. net user [username] /active:yes – to activate the account incase it is disable
  4. net localgorup Administrators [username] /add – add the[username] account to local administrators group.
  5. exit – exit the command prompt and you should able to use the [username] and the new password to login.
net user command
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