My computer could not turn on?

First check your power cord, even check your power adapter bar and make sure the power bar is powered. Making sure all the power cord are fully plugged-in.

I could not receive email this morning?

Double check can you access to the internet or not by using any browser and go to any website. Unplug your network cable and fully plug it in again. If all of the above are checked, and you still cannot receive emails, then check with your system administrator, your mailbox might be full.

I cannot access the internet?

Sometimes modem, router and network switch might need to be restart. Try restart in the following order: Restart the modem first, then restart the router and last restart the network switch.

I cannot login to my Windows?

Does your computer joined to a Windows Domain? Talk to your network administrator, he / she can reset your password for you.

If you are using local account to login and forgot the password, please follow this article to get back into your Windows desktop.

My computer is on, but I cannot see anything?

Check your monitor cables fully plugin or not, make sure the power cord is plugin and has power. If all checked and still cannot view anything, try to use another cables.

Why should I outsource my IT services?

Even the most capable staff members can be overwhelmed with help-desk requests and can’t devote adequate time to other aspects of IT responsibilities as a whole, such as planning, budgeting, and deployment of upgrades or migration to new services. An MSP provides not only additional workforce for everyday support, but also expert consultation and guidance on the overall IT strategy for your business.

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